Standing on Shoulders

by nikiscevak on October 15, 2008

Mike CB of Atlassian pointed me to a great write-up by an Italian ex-Adobe manager who left the confines of corporatedom to start a one person software company. The idea was built around a plugin for Confluence, one of Atlassian’s main products, although now ironically, it seems, that all his sales are for a desktop version of the product.

I can’t say for sure, as this has never personally happened to me, but it is likely one of the most gratifying things to have a person succeed based upon a platform you created. More than revenue and profit growth or awards, it means something that others succeeded because of you. Kind of like the giving but with capitalism.

Perhaps that is why everyone is transforming themselves into a platform?

And one more ironic twist: Atlassian got its start by supporting another product and eventually turning their internal support tool into their most successful product.

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