What to Do with Insulting Offer on Real Estate

by staffwriter on October 3, 2010

Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t react to an insulting offer emotionally and run the risk of losing a possible sale. Some people believe that an offer that is lower than the sale price is insulting and take the offer personally. If an offer is low and you feel like you want to react negatively then get past how you feel quickly and focus on the fact that the buyer has shown you that they are interested. Getting the sale is far more important.

Low offers can mean two things; either the person making the offer has given you an extremely low price because that is as high as they can go or they have put in the offer to see if they get lucky and get the property for a low price. You need to find out which category the buyer falls into.

All you need to do is stick to the selling price you have set. The price should be where it is because that is a fair valuation of your home. If you remain firm about your price and reject insulting offers then the buyers will walk away if they have reached their limit, or they will return with a better offer. You can also make sure that you have made the buyer aware of the top-selling features of your home to reinforce the reason your sale price is set where it is.

Make sure you pick a realtor like these who will help you to handle any insulting offers professionally.

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