How to Transfer Title to Real Estate in New York City

by staffwriter on September 19, 2010

The procedure for transfer of real estate title in New York City is almost similar to the standard process for transferring any title. As with any real estate transaction, it is best to engage the services of professionals to ensure that the process is legal and your rights are protected. In this case, an attorney, who specializes in deed transfers, is your best bet.

When dealing with a property title transfer you are essentially conferring ownership to another party. The document that confers that ownership is called a deed of title. This deed needs to contain the signatures of both the seller and buyer. This document is also required to have legally binding through notaries. The deed document must be prepared in writing and must adhere to the statutes as set out by the state of New York.

Typically when transferring a property title, the deed in question will be the one that basically guarantees that the seller is in possession of full valid rights to the title of the property. In other words, this warranty ensures that there are no liens against the piece of property or any other kind of encumbrance that would prevent or preclude legal transfer of the title.

The other types of transferring title are the one that are typically used in the casual transfer of title among friends or in cases like divorce where property is being divided. This type of deed basically transfers the seller’s interest without making claims to the validity of the title. When you are ready to seal the deal on property, ask a top New York realtor for advice on this matter.

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